April 19th, 12:00 pm

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Lunchtime Lecture

What does knowing about the evolutionary history of plants matter for global food security and conservation? Join us for lunch and discussion with Sarah Federman, PhD, and Deborah Madison, author and chef. Topics will include a brief overview of 'tree thinking,' the edible plant tree-of-life, and food security in changing climates. 



Join us for drinks and a discussion of how plants make great beverages. Ellen Zachos, author, forager, and mixologist, will discuss the use of native and foraged plants in mixology, while you taste a few specially cocktails, created from local harvests. She'll also be signing copies of her new book, The Wild Crafted Cocktail. You might be surprised by how many "worthless weeds" actually make tasty drinks. Elisabeth Forrestel, PhD, an expert in grape vines and plant ecology, will explain a little about the evolutionary history and ecology of wild plants, and how this knowledge can help protect the future of wine grapes and other crops essential to the production of alcohol. 

May 19th, 4:30 pm 

Santa Fe Botanical Garden


May 20th,12:00 pm

Santa Fe Botanical Garden


The Santa Fe Botanical Garden provides and important living collection of native plants. Come take a tour with Elisabeth Forrestel, PhD, and Ellen Zachos, author and forager, of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden's new 2-acre Ethnobotanical Garden that showcases native plants and their uses. 


Santa Fe Botanical Garden


Established in 1987, The Santa Fe Botanical Garden celebrates, cultivates and conserves the rich botanical heritage and biodiversity of the region. The Garden prides itself as a living museum and educational space that displays native plants and other flora that are well-adapted to area growing conditions, promotes conservation and wise use of water, highlights local artists, and provides a quiet oasis for enjoying the colors, smells and diversity of northern New Mexico landscapes and gardens.The 2-acre ethnobotanical addition to the Garden features native plants, tiered gardens that showcase what Native Americans and early settlers grew for food, medicine and other uses, three outdoor classrooms, a learning pavilion, and the 150-seat outdoor Gathering Place Amphitheater. 

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Santa Fe School of Cooking & Noe Cano


The Santa Fe School of Cooking, established in 1989, has been a cornerstone for education on sustainable food and agriculture, as well as an important conservator of traditional New Mexican cuisine and ingredients. Noe Cano, Chef de Cuisine, has been an invaluable asset to the School for 17 years. He does all the food purchasing and prep, and also assists with classes. Noe has worked at many of Santa Fe’s top restaurants, including La Casa Sena, and was chef de cuisine at Hotel St. Francis. He has worked alongside many of the chefs of Santa Fe as well as some celebrity chefs. He was instrumental in the production of a segment of The Food Networks show called Dinner Impossible, which celebrated the traditional foods of New Mexico.